Learn the language

"I see where some of our officials are concerned about the immigrants that we have because they feel that they're not getting all the welfare and Medicare that they're entitled to because of the fact that they can't speak English. Well, those people should learn to speak English then come to America or go back to the country where they can speak in their own language. There's no point in having people come in here that have no patriotism, don't want to learn the language and want to use taxpayers' money for their health care, raising their kids. In that case, it's time for us to make some changes."

Wonderful school

"This is a Rave for the Northeast Campus of Tift County High School. My daughter is there this year, and we have found it to be exceptionally clean. The administrators are very warm and welcoming and the teachers are exciting. We're glad we're there."

Need a schedule

"I'd just like to know since the 2002 football schedule for the Tift County Blue Devils and they've still got the 2001 schedule up on the board. Don't they think it's about time to put the new schedule up?"

Bad for puppies

"I saw the picture in today's paper of the little boy holding his puppies. Someone really needs to teach that child how to hold puppies, because the way he is holding them will give them severe back problems in their future."

Under the bigtop

"As a child, I enjoyed watching a good circus whenever possible. Now I get to see them regularly by watching the county commissioners' meetings. Also, I think it is absurd that a county employee has to wait six months to get insurance coverage."

Fantastic idea

"I'm just calling to say that I am very pleased with the decision to not charge the youth for the Mott-Litman Gym. I am very pleased."

Pay the people

"If the County would pay employees, especially the skilled ones, something close to what they are worth, they wouldn't have to rely on benefits such as insurance to keep them. I work for a private business and don't have company-paid health insurance. I don't know of many companies that offer deals like that."

Don't need it

"Why do we give a gym to the southside of town? We also have to hire a director to ensure the place will still be standing in 6 months. This is costing Tifton taxpayers too much money. Since Tifton has so much money, maybe, one should be built on the north side also."

Bad government

"A mom and pop family struggling to survive cannot even sell eggs on the street anymore, though our ancestors did it for hundreds of years with no trouble. Government has become nothing more than a tool of favoritism, a tool of monopoly, a tool of oppression, a tool of tyranny, and an instrument of the 'haves' versus the 'have nots'."

Thanks Mr. Paine

"If not for the courage of Mr. Thomas Paine in January of 1776, anonymously, yet risking his own neck on the hangman's noose if found out -- and without any high school education or G.E.D. -- would any of you WASP Americans be here at all today?"

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