TIFTON -- A Tift Superior Court judge is expected to decide Friday whether a local attorney charged with four felony counts of theft by deception should be released on bond.

Local attorney Ken R. Hilyer filed A Motion for Bond Hearing Monday in the case of David Roy Hege, 56, who was arrested at his home last Friday.

Gary C. McCorvey, chief judge of Tift Superior Court, said Tuesday that the hearing will be held before him at 10 a.m. Friday. The hearing is expected to take place at the Tift County Law Enforcement Center's courtroom on Morgan Drive.

Paul O. Bowden was served notice of the hearing. Others are expected to be subpoenaed to appear.

Also Tuesday, a Review Panel for the State Bar Association of Georgia recommended to the Georgia Supreme Court that Hege be disbarred.

In the Motion for Bond, Hilyer wrote that Hege is incarcerated at the jail "under a no bond status." Also, Hilyer stated several reasons why bond should be set for Hege: that he is a resident of Tift County; that he has no significant criminal history that counsel is aware of which would make it more likely that he will commit a new offense while on bond; that he is not a threat to intimidate witnesses if released on bond; and that he is not a flight risk and he has family and home environment conducive to returning to court when called.

A U.S. Supreme Court order of May 23 suspended Hege from practicing law. His office, located at 403 N. Ridge Ave., was open to clients as late as Thursday.

Hege, who told The Tifton Gazette last Thursday that he had been practicing general practice law here since 1974, received his law degree from the Atlanta Law School on Jan. 1, 1973.

He was released from a federal prison on Oct. 4, 1988, after serving time for a conviction of tax evasion.

Agents of the Sylvester office of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation continue to interview people in the ongoing investigation.

Bonne Cella, who is the administrator of the State Bar of Georgia's South Georgia Office located here at 244 E. 2nd St., said Tuesday that former Hege clients are continuing to file complaints in her office.

Only after Hege's disbarment can those eligible to receive funds from the State Bar's Clients' Security Fund be compensated. Disciplinary action must be taken against the attorney who caused the loss resulting in the attorney's disbarment or suspension.

The Investigative Review Panel of the State Bar of Georgia is charged with investigating grievances filed against attorneys. That panel then turns over its findings to the Review Panel.

"It's now up to the court to decide," Cella said.

An emergency meeting of the Tifton Bar Association is scheduled for noon Thursday at the Holiday Inn. Two members of the Senior Council of the State Bar of Georgia out of Atlanta are expected to attend.

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