Jerome James Jackson


Jerome James Jackson.

TIFTON — After more than three hours of deliberation, jurors found Jerome James Jackson guilty of murder on May 2.

Jackson, 56, was charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and home invasion after an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Tift County Sheriff's Office. He was found guilty of felony murder, aggravated assault and home invasion. The jury came back with a guilty verdict of voluntary manslaughter rather than malice murder.

Jackson was on trial for the 2016 murder of Odell Chaney, who was killed in the early morning hours of Nov. 4, 2016.

Chaney was at the home of Jackson's ex-girlfriend when Jackson broke in the door of the mobile home, located on Washington Street.

The defense argued that Jackson had the right to be at the home, since his name was on the lease.

The defense also argued that Jackson acted in self-defense, saying that Chaney jumped on Jackson's back and bit his left ear off.

Part of the defense’s argument was that Jackson's ex-girlfriend emotionally manipulated him, cheated on him, took his money and kicked him out repeatedly, which led to Jackson's actions.

The prosecution countered by saying that Jackson had told the landlord he wanted out of the lease and that the conditions of bond for another offense said he wasn't supposed to be at the trailer.

The prosecution also stated that Jackson told at least two people he was going to kill his ex-girlfriend and whoever she was with, that he went to the trailer with a knife and that he stabbed Chaney more than 13 times, twice in the back, which ruled out self-defense.

According to the prosecution, Jackson had a history of domestic violence against the ex-girlfriend, and that, despite the defense’s efforts to show Jackson as a victim, the only victims in the case were his ex-girlfriend and Chaney.

Sentencing for Jackson will be on May 16.

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