Coronavirus case updates

ATLANTA — Almost 1,600 Georgians have died due to COVID-19 around the state.

As of 7 p.m. Saturday, the state reported 37,212 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,598 related deaths.

The 37,212 cases are up from 37,147 cases and 1,592 deaths reported 1 p.m. Saturday.

The public health department reports 6,767 people have been hospitalized due to coronavirus and 1,556 people have been admitted into intensive care units; however, the website notes the number could be underreported. 

All 159 counties have reported cases.

More than 3,600 health care workers have tested positive for coronavirus — 82% of whom are female and 18% of whom are male.

Now, after state officials urged Georgians to get tested, nearly 321,000 people have been tested.

The Georgia State Public Health Lab has reported 2,634 positive results and commercial labs have reported 34,549 positive results.

The department reported black Georgians account for 12,948 cases while white Georgians account for 11,253 cases. The race of 5,105 cases is still unknown and more than 5,198 cases are designated as missing.

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