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THOMASVILLE — Tift County’s middle school swim teams participated in the Thomas County Middle School’s Friday Frenzy Nov. 11.

To say the younger Swim Devils shattered the competition would be an understatement. Tift won 16 of 20 events. In two of the four they were defeated, Tift did not enter a competitor.

The points show how thoroughly the Swim Devils won. The Lady Devils scored 437, with Thomas County 2nd at 342. The Devils won even easier, 366 points to Thomas’ 184. Five teams were in the pool Nov. 11, with Lee County, Valwood and Thomasville City’s MacIntyre Park being the others.

Abby Lupo and Brock Alexion had a hand in four victories each. Larkin Saylor, Ethan VanOrman, Bailey Brock and Jovia Burke were in the pool for three.

Those placing in the top 10 for Tift County were:

Boys 200 medley relay: Porter Johnson, Saylor, VanOrman and Alexion (1st).

Girls 200 medley relay: Laney Griffin, Brock, Lupo and Burke (1st) and Jana Webster, Stella Bryant, Stella Byrnes and Laurie Barbee (4th).

Boys 200 freestyle: Saylor (1st), Emmett Thompson (3rd), Davis Kunes (4th) and James Fresh (6th).

Girls 200 freestyle: Burke (1st), Brock (2nd), Barbee (4th), Mary Bella Powell (5th), Webster (6th), Laney Braswell (7th) and Chloe Brown (8th).

Girls 200 individual medley: Lupo (1st) and Byrnes (2nd).

Boys 50 freestyle: Alexion (1st), Johnson (3rd), Davis Kunes (4th) and James Fresh (10th).

Girls 50 freestyle: Griffin (2nd), Bryant (8th), Emily Moyer (9th) and Morgan Brey (10th).

Girls 50 butterfly: Lupo (1st).

Boys 100 freestyle: Alexion (1st), VanOrman (3rd), Mitchell Kunes (4th), James Ross (6th) and Owen Wells (9th).

Girls 100 freestyle: Marlee Veazey (1st), Burke (2nd), Barbee (4th) and Savannah Denham (9th).

Boys 200 freestyle relay: Fresh, Thompson, Ross and Davis Kunes (1st); Mitchell Kunes, Conner Hayes, Caleb Thaba and Adam Beck (3rd) and Briggs Rowland, Kason Mallard, Jeremiah Rich and Jontai Gibbs (5th).

Girls 200 freestyle: Byrnes, Bryant, Webster and Barbee (2nd); Braswell, Lucy House, Brown and Brey (4th); Powell, Katherine Currie, Elizabeth Jackson and Veazey (7th); Anna-Lora Payne, Meghan Vicars, Denham and Madison Schwartz (8th) and Cassidy Hysmith, Ava Griffin, Moyer and Caitlyn Ring (10th).

Boys 50 backstroke: VanOrman (1st), Mitchell Kunes (4th) and Rowland (6th).

Girls 50 backstroke: Bryant (1st), Webster (4th), Brown (9th) and Nelson (10th).

Boys 50 breaststroke: Ross (1st), Saylor (2nd), Johnson (4th), Wells (5th), Beck (6th) and Thompson (8th).

Girls 50 breaststroke: Brock (1st), Griffin (2nd), Byrnes (3rd), Brey (6th), Braswell (7th), Schwartz (8th), Hysmith (9th) and House (10th).

Boys 400 freestyle relay: Saylor, Johnson, VanOrman and Alexion (1st); Fresh, Thompson, Ross and Davis Kunes (2nd) and Beck, Mitchell Kunes, Wells and Rowland (3rd).

Girls 400 freestyle relay: Lupo, Brock, Griffin and Burke (1st); Braswell, House, Brown and Brey (3rd); Powell, Jackson, Currie and Veazey (4th); Denham, Vicars, Payne and Schwartz (5th) and Maggie Johnson, Mary Campbell DIers, Ring and Hysmith (6th).

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