Coronavirus case updates

ATLANTA — For a second day, Georgia added more than 2,000 COVID-19 cases to its total count.

As of Monday, Georgia added an additional 2,207 coronavirus cases — reaching 79,417 total cases and 2,784 related deaths.

That's up from 77,210 cases and 2,778 related deaths Sunday.

The Peach State added 2,225 COVID-19 cases Sunday, marking record-high increases in three-consecutive days.

Despite the massive rise of new cases during the past week, Gov. Brian Kemp said Friday morning he has no plans to impose new restrictions or require Georgians to wear masks.

This week, Kemp will visit Albany, Columbus, Dalton, Augusta, Savannah and Valdosta to "encourage" Georgians to listen to public health advice and wear a mask to mitigate spread, according to his office. 

Kemp along with the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency will be distributing roughly 3 million "cloth face coverings" to local governments and schools throughout Georgia starting this week.

Among the counties receiving supplies, Lowndes has been allotted 15,000 masks.

The department reports 10,824 people have been hospitalized due to coronavirus and 2,289 people have been admitted into intensive care units; however, the website notes the number could be underreported. 

Also, 823,117 Georgians have been tested for the virus and the state is reporting an 8.9% positive result rate.

The department reported Black Georgians account for 22,417 cases while white Georgians account for 26,103 cases. The race of 23,563 cases is listed as unknown.

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