TIFTON — Shake off the brooms. Tift County swimming achieved its ninth consecutive clean sweep of region championships Thursday, Jan. 19.

Months after moving to Region 1-6A, the Swim Devils hosted the meet at the Baldwin Drive Aquatic Center. Their five new region rivals were majorly outpointed. The 934.5 points for the Lady Devils were only slightly less than the rest of their opponents combined. Houston County was closest at 345, with Veterans at 309.5.

It was slightly closer for the Blue Devils, who finished with 641. Veterans came in at 346.5, with Thomas County Central at 271.

While the Lady Devils dominated from start to finish — they won nine of 11 events — Tift’s superior numbers powered the boys. The Devils won only two of the 11 races. Veterans won five and Lee County and Thomas County Central also won two, but Tift earned many of its points further down in the finishes.

Tucker Dowdy was involved in both event victories for the boys. He won the 100 backstroke and joined with Hayden Roberts, Ethan Stalnaker and Karson Ponder for 1st place in the 200 medley relay.

Anna Lupo and Brynna Burke each had a hand in four victories. Ava Wilson and Kendall Sasser were parts of three wins.

Relays were their strong suit, as usual. Sasser, Lupo, Burke and Wilson teamed up to win the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay. Rachel Spurlin, Brianna Domagala, Raegin Walker and Leighellyn Bengston closed out the day by winning the 400 freestyle relay.

Burke added individual wins in the 200 freestyle and the 500 freestyle. In the latter, Burke finished in 5:33. Second place came in at 6:46. Lupo won the 100 backstroke and the 100 butterfly.

Wilson was tops in the 200 individual medley and Sasser won 1st in the 100 freestyle.

Though the region meet was moved up three hours in fear of rain, it found them anyway. Approximately an hour of the event saw the skies empty, sending everyone not swimming scattering for anything with a cover. Because it was only rain and the electronic equipment was protected, there were no delays.

Others earning points for Tift:

Boys 200 medley relay: Chase Walker, Landon Parrish, Alex Shepherd and Rocky Faw (4th) and Mason Grist, Dillan White, Trey Dorminey and Kason Flowers (8th).

Girls 200 medley relay: Raylee Walker, Raegin Walker, Domagala and Bengston (2nd); Emmalyn Lukas, Kate Marie Womack, Ella Benton and Lola Reynolds (5th) and Jude Hawsey, Shiloh Wyatt, Sierra Wyatt and Okinyo Menya (7th).

Boys 200 freestyle: Shepherd (3rd), Stalnaker (4th), Aiden Thrasher (6th), Parrish (7th), Eli Pate (8th), Brayden Roland (9th) and Aaron Patel (12th).

Girls 200 freestyle: Haley Hooks (3rd), Sara Johns (4th), Reynolds (5th), Maddie Perrin (7th) and Lukas (8th).

Boys 200 individual medley: Roberts (2nd), Walker (5th) and Abram Miller (8th).

Girls 200 individual medley: Raylee Walker (2nd), Domagala (3rd) and Spurlin (4th).

Boys 50 freestyle: Karson Ponder (3rd) and Dowdy (5th).

Girls 50 freestyle: Sasser (2nd), Lilly Bruce (7th), Hooks (9th), Hannah Larger (11th), Benton (12th), Hawsey (14th) and Johns (15th).

Boys 100 individual medley: Roberts (3rd), Pate (6th) and Dorminey (7th).

Girls 100 butterfly: Raegin Walker (3rd) and Benton (6th).

Boys 100 freestyle: Ponder (3rd), Stalnaker (4th), Faw (8th), Miller (9th) and White (15th).

Girls 100 freestyle: Domagala (2nd), Bengston (4th), Bruce (6th), Womack (7th), Larger (8th), Hawsey (11th), Grace Walker (14th) and Lauren Brey (15th).

Boys 500 freestyle: Shepherd (2nd), Thrasher (4th) and Dorminey (6th).

Girls 500 freestyle: Perrin (4th), Reynolds (5th) and Lukas (7th).

Boys 200 freestyle relay: Faw, Walker, Parrish and Shepherd (4th); Thrasher, Miller, Pate and Roland (5th); Dorminey, White, Flowers and Grist (8th) and Bill Nguyen, Rylan Pearman, Connor Hysmith and Maitrey Patel (13th).

Girls 200 freestyle relay: Spurlin, Johns, Hooks and Bruce (3rd); Reynolds, Womack, Lukas and Benton (4th) and Savannah White, Grace Walker, Laurie Walters and Perrin (6th).

Boys 100 backstroke: Walker (3rd) and Roland (5th).

Girls 100 backstroke: Raylee Walker (2nd), Bengston (3rd) and Spurlin (5th).

Boys 100 breaststroke: Parrish (7th), Flowers (10th), Caleb May (11th) and White (13th).

Girls 100 breaststroke: Wilson (2nd), Raegin Walker (5th), Walters (6th), Womack (10th, Sierra Wyatt (11th), White (12th) and Shiloh Wyatt (14th).

Boys 400 freestyle relay: Roberts, Dowdy, Stalnaker and Ponder (2nd); Thrasher, Miller, Roland and Pate (4th) and Jack Medina, Aaron Patel, May and Maitrey Patel (6th).

Girls 400 freestyle relay: Spurlin, Johns, Hooks and Bruce (3rd); Menya, Hawsey, Shiloh Wyatt and Sierra Wyatt (4th) and Perrin, White, Grace Walker and Walters (5th).

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