The following food service establishments were inspected in Tift County between Sept. 23 and Sept. 27.  These establishments were evaluated according to the rules and regulations set forth in the Georgia State Chapter 290-5-14. Anyone with a question, comment or complaint should feel free to call the Environmental Health Services section of the Tift County Health Department at 386-7967.  

Also, all scores are available at, click on food service scores then click Tift County

Each establishment will have a current score and current grade posted.

Jimmy John’s #3903 (NEW)

2219 North Tift Avenue    Tifton


September 24, 2019    Current Score: 100    Current Grade: A    No violations noted at time of opening inspection.  

Rural Development Center

15 RDC Road        Tifton


September 25, 2019    Previous Inspection

May 20, 2019

Current Score: 97        Previous Score: 100

Current Grade: A    

Previous Grade: A

Good Retail Practices in violation: Observed food employee wearing jewelry other than a plain ring on their arm/hand while preparing food. Observed employees with no hair restraint. (3 points)

Taco Bell #32755

1611 U. S. Highway 82 W



September 23, 2019    Previous Inspection

February 14, 2019

Current Score: 89        Previous Score: 87

Current Grade: B        Previous Grade: B

Foodborne Illness Risk Factors and Public Health Interventions in violation: Observed person-in-charge not performing duty to ensure accuracy of key drop deliveries during non-operating hours. (4 points)

Observed food debris on clean dishes. (4 points)

Good Retail Practices in violation: Observed employee with no hair restraint. (3 points)

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