TIFTON — The Tifton Mobile Home Park has been seeing much-needed improvements during the last year and more upgrades are planned in the future.

All thanks to a local domestic liability company.

Since purchasing it in September 2020, Tifton MHC has put more than $100,000 into the mobile home park, focusing on bettering aspects of the community for the residents in terms of safety, security and beauty, a company official said.

Improvements include filling in the unused vacant lots for alternate purposes, replacing old and damaged mailboxes, and adding parking pads near homes so residents will no longer have to park in the grass or mud.

"It's our commitment to making it look cleaner, look safer," said Eric Hodges, director of management for Tifton MHC. "We've got a lot of kids running around there. I know it's a tight-knit community; these little things add value and I know our residents appreciate it."

The company offers residents repairs to their homes, giving them a free-of-charge skirting repair, pressure washing of their home and sealing of any holes in their roofs.

Tifton MHC plans to continue repairs in the future.

Plans are in motion to petition the city to repair some of the roads around the mobile home park and the company is looking into trimming some of the overgrown trees.

"Often, mobile home parks have a stigma unjustly: people see them in a certain light and we like to show people that's not reality," Hodges said. "They look at these places on a surface level but it's more than just that. These are hardworking people, they've got families, and maybe shining it up a little bit and providing this value can maybe give this extra step to have a little more confidence or be seen in a better light by their neighbors."

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