Popular and Famous Sayings from a Great Writer

Freddie L. Sirmans Sr. is probably the most prolific author in Valdosta.

Multiple times a year, I find a stack of new Sirmans books on my desk at The Valdosta Daily Times.

As noted in past reviews, his books are stream-of-consciousness political essays. Some diatribes, some philosophical, some angry, some thoughtful, etc.

Through the years, he has dropped off dozens of mostly paperback editions of his books. More recent books have been hard-cover editions.

Some titles from the past include “Days to USA Economic Collapse ...,” “Only Trump Stands Between Freedom and Full USA Socialism,” “Evil 1938 Socialist Minimum Wage Law is Destroying USA,” “Deadly Cost of Low Morals and Values,” “Writer Gives Warning on Liberalism and Discovers Likely Neurotic Symptom Cure,” “USA Economy Will Collapse in 2015 Unless 1938 Minimum Wage Law is Repealed,” “Can the USA Welfare State Survive the COVID-19 Virus,” “Damn the Heart Aches and Shame, Writer Slogs On,” etc.

His latest hard-cover edition, penned under the name Freddie Sirmans, is “Popular and Famous Sayings from a Great Writer.”

The book is something akin to a Best of Freddie L. Sirmans Sr. There’s no introduction to the book. It launches into a quick contents page, splitting the book into three parts: Part I: Popular and Famous Sayings; Part II: Raw, Crude, Cold Economics F.L. Sirmans Style; Part III: More Popular and Famous Sayings.

The sayings reflect on messages from past books, which can be gleaned from the previously mentioned titles.

”Popular and Famous Sayings” and many of his previous books are available at the website

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