Local businesses need your help.

When Amazon sales go up, our local businesses go down.

We have to shop local, and we have to patronize local businesses in every way that we can.

We still think people should all be sheltering in place, and we should all still be practicing extreme social distancing when we do have to be in public spaces.

Many local stores and most restaurants have made accommodations to make it possible for you to patronize their businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdown of Georgia’s economy have taken a toll on local stores, restaurants and other businesses, and it will also result in sales tax shortfalls that will soon have a significant impact on local government.

While sheltering in place these last few weeks, a lot of us have been shopping online.

But don’t go overboard with being bored and forget about the importance of our economy.

Help keep our own businesses afloat.

Our entire business community has been hit harder than anyone could have imagined just a few months ago.  

We have been — and will continue to be — transparent about the fact that The Tifton Gazette has taken a big hit too, and we are struggling right along with everyone else.

Let’s all band together and focus our spending on Tifton and Tift County.

There will be life after COVID for most of us.

Some businesses that operated on a thin margin, however, may not be able to survive at all.

We need to do everything we can, as a community, to keep that from happening to as many businesses as possible.

For those teetering on the edge, your purchase could make a significant difference.

Unemployment claims are astronomical, and people who are not drawing a paycheck cannot be spending money.

So, if you have money to spend, don’t spend it out of our area, out of state or out of the country.

Keep your dollars at home.  

The women and men who own, operate and work at local businesses are people that we know.

They are our friends, relatives, people we go to church with or sit next to at ballgames.

We need them and they need us.

We are all in this thing together.

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