I love high school football. Duh, you may be saying, who in south Georgia doesn’t?

Well, Fridays from Labor Day weekend to Christmas have been an integral part of my life since 1982 when I first began writing about games for newspapers. Even when the team I covered was done playing I still wanted to keep up with the playoffs.

I haven’t been the official sports writer for The Gazette now for going on five years. But even with that I have still managed to cover a couple of games every year, because it’s something I simply love to do. Even when I am up here working on my news duties on Friday nights, I  listen to the radio to games or for scoreboard shows.

In fact, last year’s season opener for the Tift County Blue Devils was covered by me by listening to the radio while I did my news work. Thankfully, Becky Taylor came to us soon after, though and I didn’t have to worry about having to cover games by radio any more.

However, I did cover two games in Ocilla the proper way later in the year.

I also kept up with high school football across the state as part of my duties as a member of the selection committee for the Atlanta Falcons High School Coaches of the Year.

Well, things are going to start out a little different for me this season.

Depending on when you read this I could be in the midst of surgery for carpal tunnel in my right wrist and cubital tunnel in my right elbow. My surgery is scheduled for this morning and I am wondering if I will be recovered enough to even try to listen to a game on the radio tonight.

That’s right, the start of high school football for almost every school in our area and I may be too out of it to even listen to a game. It will certainly be a first for me. I hope to go cover at least a couple of games at some point this season, just so I can keep my streak alive. But it’s going to be extremely weird to miss the start of the season and possibly not even know results until Saturday.

I promise I will be alive enough to watch Georgia and Clemson Saturday night. I am just dreading having to listen to Brent Musberger.

I hope your team has a great season, and I hope every young man and woman involved in your program has fun and stays injury-free.


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