Two juveniles were arrested Wednesday for attempting to break into a local resident’s home.

According to an incident report filed at the Tifton Police Department, a 63-year-old woman called E-911 Wednesday morning and reported that two males were trying to break into the house located in the 1600 block of Valley Drive, which was behind her residence.

The description of the suspects were given to officers. One of the subjects was carrying a backpack. Two males matching the description were stopped by an officer in the area of Evergreen Drive and Valley Drive. A small firearm was spotted in the waistband of one of the subjects. Another officer on scene secured the weapon. The subject also had in his possession a blue and gray backpack containing a pair of bolt cutters, flat head screwdriver and flat head chisel. The other suspect was patted down; he was not carrying anything.

The report states that both subjects were handcuffed and detained while an officer conducted his investigation. Upon inspecting the residence, he found a broken window and broken sliding glass door handle on the back porch.

The witness positively identified the juveniles as being the subjects she saw trying to break into her neighbor’s residence. Both juveniles were transported to the police department. Juvenile Justice was called and made aware of their arrest.

The juvenile with the weapon and backpack was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of tools for the commission of a crime and criminal attempt. The other juvenile was charged with criminal trespass.

In another matter, an employee reported Sunday that someone attempted to call in two fraudulent prescriptions to Walgreens Pharmacy on Love Avenue. The two prescriptions were for 90 Lortab and 90 Valium. The employee told police that the person did not give the instructions for the medications, which was strange, along with the fact that the prescription was called in from a doctor’s office on a Sunday. The doctor was contacted in reference to the medication. He advised that he did not authorize the medication. The offender attempted to pick up the fraudulent prescriptions Monday and was arrested. The report states that Michelle Marie Thompson, 39, 72 Wendy Hill Road, Lot 1, was charged with two counts of forgery-prescription without order form and unlawful use of communication facilities.

In other unrelated cases:

• A woman who lives in the 100 block of East 16th Street reported Monday that a bullet entered her home. She told police she was asleep in her bedroom when she heard a bullet enter from the west outside wall of her home and into her bedroom where the bullet stopped. She reported she did not hear the gunshot.

• A woman who lives in the 300 block of Alder Street reported Wednesday that someone threw something through her back sliding glass door to get into her house. Two peppermint cans with an unknown amount of change, a safe with personal papers and about $1,000 in cash, a 32-inch Sanyo flat screen television and a desktop computer were taken. The woman reported there was change on the kitchen floor leading toward the side door, which was wide open when she entered the house through the front door. She told police she has an alarm system that was set that morning when she left the house. She said she never received a call, and the company told her they never received an activation from the residence.

• A man who lives in the 600 block of Prince Lane reported Thursday that someone kicked in his front door and took his 32-inch flat screen television, Playstation 3 game system and three games.

• A man who lives in the 600 block of Belmont Avenue reported Thursday that someone took his air conditioning unit from a front window. Nothing else was missing, and the residence was never entered.

• A man who lives in the 600 block of Southbrook Drive reported Wednesday that someone broke into his residence and took several items valued at $4,240.

• A man who lives in the 1500 block of South Central Avenue reported Monday that someone forcefully entered his home through a window located on the west side of the residence and took a Playstation 3 game system.

• A man reported Wednesday that his neighbor threw dog feces in his yard and threatened to beat him. The neighbor told police that the man let his dog excrete feces on her property and then yelled at her and called her several names.

• A woman who lives in the 100 block of Ponce De Leon Street reported Monday that someone entered her home and took several items.

• A man who lives in the 300 block of Copeland Road reported Monday that someone took his vehicle without permission.

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