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July 6, 2013

Rants and Raves for July 7

Friday's ranter about Tifton alcohol sales is right. If we are already selling liquor by the drink, why not legalize package sales and collect the taxes? Can someone please explain the difference and the reason why we shouldn't put it on the ballot? I am a Christian yet have an occasional cocktail at home. I remember to this day where my hardshell Baptist grandaddy kept his bottle. What about you? Why should I buy a bottle in Valdosta, Albany or other places and support their economy while my own town suffers? Berrien County has paved many miles of its roads and paid many salaries and retirement benefits from the pockets of Tift County folks.


First FoodMax, then Winn-Dixie, now Piggly Wiggly. If people don't start supporting our smaller grocery stores Tifton is going to end up with only a couple. I'm through sending my money to Arkansas. I have cut my grocery bill by 25 percent by avoiding the big box and buying items on sale at the smaller ones. Note: the monster store doesn't have buy one, get one free and they don't put food items "on sale." Shop smart.


If you must consume alcohol on Sunday....buy it on Saturday or Friday.


Anyone who stands up against overtaxation, too much big government, too high government salaries, mismanagement and wasteful spending is not wrong to do so...this country was founded fighting against the same.


If you think your Georgia Power bill is high just wait. Obama signed another executive order to ban coal and Georgia Power gets 30 to 40 percent of its electricity from coal-powered plants and now is going to have to come up with more expensive electricity. Who do you think the cost will be passed down to? Kind of like your insurance premium going way up. But we all know Obama would never ever put more taxes and costs on the middle class he claims to love so much, don't we? I hope all you that voted Democrat and Obama are getting just what you voted for. It's a shame the rest of us have to sink with you.

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