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March 5, 2014

Rants & Raves - March 6


The group that was enbarrashing, loud and disspectful to Edwin McCain, shame on you. But more important shame on the management who let this behavior to continue after many complaints. I only hope Mr. McCain does not base his opinion of Tifton residents by those who were acting like that were at a bar. I am so dissapointed and surprised that alcohol was served. Beer bottles being roled down aisles and thrown noisely into trash cans was terrible. I will not be attending another event at the theater until some accountable management can be placed there. We saw security there but they also did not control this situation. Tifton, you can be assured,you probably never get Mr. McCain or anyone in his league to play here ago and I do not blame him!
Holy moly, the Tourism folks and the city of Tifton put together a great day at Fulwood Park. What a fun day for all. The bands, the barbeque and even the beer were all enjoyed by civil people in a civil manner. Great job by those in charge. Do it again! 
I totally agree with the person who wrote in about 20th Street. I hate driving down that stupid road. It will tear your car up and just about beat your brains out. Every other road gets repaved around here, but the roads that really need it get overlooked. Could the city please do something about this road?
Fast food workers want $15 an hour? Ha! Our troops with less than two years of experience on active duty only make about $22,550 after the $2 raise they just got. At $15 an hour a kid still in high school would be making $31,000 for the danger filled job of serving fish and french fries. Our troops in the meantime make $22,550. The military usually ends up fighting, bleeding and sometimes dying for their country. I think they deserve better as long as they are putting themselves in harm’s way for our country.

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