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April 14, 2014

Rants & Raves - April 15


Does Tift County Animal Control do its job? How about checking out the 16th and Davis area for dogs running wild? No leash, just run wild all day and cause problems with traffic. Do your job animal control! Round up these animals and get them out of here.
Does the city of Tifton Police ever arrest crackheads and dope addicts in this town? Do they ever check out the area around 16th Street and Davis Avenue? Never see them around here. 
Thanks Reneè Gross at JC Penney salon for making my grandmother’s day! You were so kind and patient with her during her visit. Above all, you gave her just what she wanted. I feel good knowing there are still people that love their job and it shows through their level of professionalism and what they do. 
The real problem with the yard debris is, that the city does not pick it up every week. They are supposed to come every week the same like the trash pickup, (and send the street sweeper afterwards). Sometimes we are waiting up to three weeks for them to come, even with calling it in. The piles of course are getting bigger and bigger all over town, which means it will take them more time for pick up and they end up being delayed constantly. Maybe the city needs to support the Public Works Department better.
Yard trash is supposed to be placed on the street so that the truck can pick it up. I understand the issue with placing trash near the drain, but I don't think you will be able to convince people to leave the trash in their yards so that the very large truck with the scoop can try to pick it up without destroying their lawns. I have already checked on this issue when I had a lot of shrubbery that had to be cut back.
Have you ever seen a paved road turned into a dirt road? I mean, dirt roads get paved all the time, right? I'm sick of this dust! Getting annoyed with the city of Tifton. I want my paved road back! I'd rather have a section of it closed than have a dirt road! Pave my road back!

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The 2014 Tift County Lady Devils volleyball team. Summer Bennett, Chat Butts, Carolina Carter, Kaleigh Hobby, Molly Jones, Savannah Kendrick, Mariena McCullough, Dail Adaway, Vanity Golson, Alex Miller, Taylor Nimmo, Amanda Riddle, Logan Seeman, Taylor Cross, Karina Delgado, Audrey McElhaney, Madison Spivey, Julianna Cross and Olivia Thomas Assistants are Dana Fletcher and Chance Benson. Head coach is Courtney Mitchell.

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