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May 17, 2014

Rants & Raves - May 18


There's nothing wrong with basketball goals on the side of the road for kids to use. For some, it's all they have for recreation and it's rare that there is a problem with them. Just because you had a problem you can't deal with doesn't mean everyone should be punished. I had one for my kids. No problems. Two of my neighbors have them for their kids. No problem. Maybe the problem is you.
It is obvious that the ladies at Affinity registration do not have a supervisor available. These ladies are working as hard and fast as they can. I sat and watched as Renae called and paged someone for help. The lobby was full. I noticed that Christy was doing her best to help the new coworkers and register, too. Christy also had someone being rude and loud complaining about no available seats. She spoke with this person, calming them down, and they were smiling when the person left. I admire her for handling that situation so calmly in front of so many people. Like I said, the lobby was full and the wait was long. Affinity or Tift Regional, these ladies could use extra help. Kudos to Renae and Christy for being team players and working well together with the resources that you have. Renae handled the front desk quite well with the long line. 
Long before “Obamascam” came along I wrote and called my state reps and asked them to do something about the high cost of insurance and the obscene profits the insurance companies were raking in. If the insurance machine didn't have the politicians in their pockets people could afford health insurance. If Obama and his incompetent party members had been smart they would have simply said, "Hey you with the lizard for a spokesman. Cut your rates so people can afford health coverage or we'll regulate your business more than we do now." They spend billions on commercials that don't benefit anyone and pass that cost on to consumers. What a racket!

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