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February 26, 2014

Rants & Raves - February 27


I’ve been to my last Tift County High School basketball game. The volume with which they insist on playing “music” and announcing is out of control. Maybe it motivates the players but it does nothing for me. Good luck, Blue Devils. 
President Obama can't stand criticism, so he is having the FCC to judge what is being reported on TV networks like Fox News and any other conservative news media. Networks like CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC don't have to worry because they are all liberal networks who love Obama, and would never criticize him for any reason.
I'm sure all veterans as well as myself appreciated being recognized Friday night at the Tift County baseball game. However, proper recognition of our flag by the team as Elbert County did (right hand over the heart) would have been appreciated more. Coach Kirk you have a good looking team but perhaps a little more guidance is needed. Go Big Blue!
Isn't it about time for all the African-Americans to call themselves Americans? 
Tooting train horns are a sign of economic liveliness and also an important safety warning. That and the blessing of being able to hear should be enough to have a good night's sleep.
I see in The Gazette where our governor and legislators are determined not to increase Georgia's Medicaid rolls with Obamacare funds which would be no cost to the state for three years and then only a 10 percent cost thereafter. These are funds that were coming to Georgia hospitals as indigent care, but now they will go to other states. Do our leaders think that these people will now just not consume health care? They will still go to the hospital, but the cost will be carried by the rest of us in increased health insurance premiums. What's the logic, refuse fed funds and pass the cost to the insurance premium paying citizens?

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Jensen Rainey (left) and Josie Arant will both be participating in the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship next week in North Carolina.

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