Tifton Gazette


March 31, 2014

Rants & Raves - April 1


Our state legislators have decided that we need guns in church. Really? Who would Jesus shoot?
Well I just read in the paper about another theft at the high school in the parking lot. I think they need security cameras up and somebody watching the cameras at all times. I thought they had somebody watching the parking lot. Where was he when this theft was going on?
Got an e-mail from an Internet carrier telling me they’re raising the monthly price for the service. I am sick and tired of businesses raising the prices of services or products then telling you it allows them "to better serve you." Whoever came up with that phrase should be tarred and feathered. Try a little honesty for a change – something like, "we're raising our prices so we can continue to give bonuses" or "our taxes went up and we want you to pay for it" or "we are just greedy." To better serve you my #&@.

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