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March 10, 2014

Rants & Raves - March 11


People complain there is nothing to do in Tifton, but don't support what comes to town. Todd Herendeen put on a great show last night for very few people. Entertainers probably cannot afford to come here and won't continue unless they feel wanted and can be compensated. Even if someone is not your favorite entertainer, you can still have an enjoyable night out and make their stay worthwhile.
In reference to the post made about the Common Core curriculum: The most important statistic that the person failed to mention is that according to the World Economic Forum, the United States has ranked either first or second in economic competitiveness since 1998. During that time U.S. students never scored in the top two spots on any international test! That is because in our country we educate all of our people not just the ones that want to go to school. We don’t have an education issues as much as we have an entitlement issue in this country. Common Core is not a curriculum issue but a political one. It was funded by infamous atheist Bill Gates and then promoted by the Obama administration when it tied billions of Race to the Top monies to it. Our state should have been like many other states and never agreed to it to begin with. 
People please, when you go into a store to purchase an item, read the labels or look the item up online. The cashiers don't know about all these things. We are just cashiers. We didn't take a course on knowing about everything the store sells. I've never seen or heard anyone ask a cashier at Walmart or Kmart about an item or where it's at in the store. Just go look for it and read the labels. We are just cashiers.

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