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January 13, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 14


If you read an advertisement for apartments that indicates they are clean, quiet and safe, beware. Listen to those of us who have lived there. They are rat and mildew infested, there are broken door locks, and it takes an act of Congress to get anything done or fixed. If you complain, you are evicted or intimidated.
When it comes to politics and economics, how many people even bother to understand the history of and the difference between Supply Side Economics and Demand Side (Keynesian) Economics? Why did Karl Marx (the father of socialism) support Supply Side in the 1850s and why do the Republicans support those same socialist policies today? 
All business owners in Tifton need to thank our mayor for standing up for us at Thursday night's council workshop. If you would like to see who is for you and who is not look at the highlights at the city's video on "signage." 
Thanks to the hardy souls led by the combined grounds committee who braved the wet weather Saturday to clean up the Fulwood Garden Center. Frances Wilson, Betty Turner, Louise Hetzel, Karen Rawlins, Carolyn Massey, Karen Smith, Bret Wagenhorst, Joe Knoll, Joe Lewis, Carolyn Branch, Evelyn Rigdon and her daughter, Carol. Hard work and fun was had. Thank them for their hard work.
So the city won't commit to a date for repaving 20th Street? This is a heavily-traveled street with a worn-out surface. It also carries a large part of the emergency vehicle traffic since the hospital is on 20th Street. If the city is too broke to maintain the streets, somebody should tell us.
Thomas Sowell says that the trickle-down theory of economics is a big lie. He adds that the liberals are lying when they call that lie a lie. I'm confused. There are too many lies in his statements.
Thank you Pastor Greg for sharing your heart today. It was one of the best and most moving I ever heard. Please forgive our church for treating you so bad. Remember that so many love you.

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