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January 11, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 12


I worked with state court Judge Larry Mims in his pre-judge days. I was a state supervisor of hundreds of employees and often communicated with Larry about need to help employees with legal issues. He was always so eager, kind and considerate in helping others and he always had a very low tolerance for "injustice" or "explotation" of people. He will be missed much as our state court judge but has earned the right to pursue other interests in his life. Thank you, Judge Mims for your career efforts to right wrongs in life and for making Tifton a better place.
Thank you Randall Goforth with Goforth Pump & Well Service for going above and beyond by repairing our busted pipes at the well and tank recently... after dark.
To the person driving the White Acura with the large Georgia sticker on your tailgate that I was following from Ocilla Jan. 9: Thank you for scaring me for life! At first I thought you were drunk but realized you were texting as you crossed the white and double yellow lines multiple times almost causing several wrecks. I bet your parents are so proud!
A family member here listens to "Christian" talk radio all the time. I sat and actually listened to some of it the other day. Oh, my. It's absolutely awful. It's mostly paranoid propaganda about the evil Muslim-atheist-communist-satanist-progressive conspiracy that controls everything. if you or someone you care about listens to this stuff all the time please, tell them to lay off of it before they become the American Taliban.
As retired teachers it is an honor to be recognized by former students. Especially those who were/are polite, courteous and hard workers being successful in and out of the classroom. What a thrill is was to be recognized by one of those students tonight, Nick Green. We wish you well, we are proud of your success and best wishes on your upcoming marriage. 

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