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December 21, 2013

Our Opinion for Dec. 22

Phil Robertson of the now-famous Duck Dynasty bunch certainly fell in it this week with his commentary during an interview with GQ magazine.

Whether you agree with what he said or not, the point is, at least for us, that every time someone speaks up or out these days, it appears that they get crucified for simply giving their opinion. Whether or not the reader or listener agrees becomes the topic of the day, rather than the opinion given.

Robertson is what he is. He is a self-proclaimed redneck, who loves the outdoors, his family and shooting stuff. The man is rough around the edges, but has a certain charm.

We can guarantee you this whole hullabaloo will blow right past Ol’ Phil while he heads to the woods in his ATV to shoot or skin something. It won’t change his mind or even make him consider doing so.

While we cannot wholeheartedly agree with everything the man says on the show or elsewhere, we will say this: Phil Robertson has a right to speak his mind. Freedom of speech is a basic right in this country, and it appears to us that this right may be slipping between our fingers, thanks to posturing from all sides.

Stand up, speak up...but don’t shut up. Our country can’t afford it.


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