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June 2, 2014

Rants & Raves - June 3


Is Austin Scott leading the fight to stop and reverse illegal immigration? Hardly. Even while Obama is not enforcing our immigration laws, Austin Scott wants to take it a step further and reward illegal aliens with amnesty and put them in our military. The U.S. would be defended by people whose allegiance lies with another country. How does that make you feel?
The framers of the constitution were wise in their generation and wanted to secure their liberty and independence and that of their descendants to the latest days.  
Secession was not outlawed in the constitution and there was no justification by law that the southern states could not leave the union.  
Our federal dovernment has used illegal means many times over the years to get what they want.  It is still being done.
Sad times in USA. Marine held in Mexican jail and Mexican illegal criminals released from prison on to our streets. Sad times for America.
What happened to "innocent until proven guilty?"  The ladies pharmacy was raided and she was locked up.  According to WALB a Superior Court judge has signed a writ of possession allowing Valdosta-based Commercial Bank to seize the assets from Tifton Drugs. She might be guilty and might not, but nobody has the right to take over her business until she is proven guilty. Is this America?
I'm very appreciative of all our law enforcement officers. However, the sheriff should attend a public speaking or public relations course. His choice of words and use of all capital letters makes him appear to be an uneducated bully. At least get someone to proofread your work. 
I always thought that the traffic lights in Tifton were coordinated in a poor fashion if they are coordinated at all. Drivers have to stop for too many of them. When you leave one light, the one up the street is turning red. This wastes a lot of time. I once drove across town within the speed limit and kept up with the lights out of curiosity. I went through nine lights and had to stop for eight and slow down for the ninth. 
Well, school is out and the stealing has begun. I don't understand why some people think they can take what doesn't belong to them. Warning thieves: It is a good thing my son did not catch you in the act, you would have had to pay a visit to the ER to get buckshot picked from your backsides!

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