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February 18, 2014

Rants & Raves - February 19


Accolades to the Tift County Retired Educators Association for volunteering more than 2,000 hours in the community.  Several of the retired teachers donate many hours to deliver meals to the elderly. Others give their time teaching classes, acting as Santa's helpers, donating blood and numerous other tasks.  Thank a teacher.
Several months back, the “when” of my Gazette delivery became a little unpredictable and even the “if” was an occasional concern. The difference of late is remarkable. Someone has made sure it is there every day, on time and well placed. As is my habit, I was once again quick to complain and slow to appreciate. I hereby tip my hat.
I would like to thank electrician James Eric Hall for being so honest after he found my billfold from 1973 in the wall at the old depot and returned it to me. It must have been stolen, because I had never been in that building before in my life. For something this unusual, you never know what is going to happen.
To the First Baptist Church group: Jeanine & Luke Webster, John & Mary Claire Raines, Amanda & Brett Meeks, Allie & J.P. Johnston, Candace & Kyle Grist, Susan & Brian Schwartz, Liz & James Mock, Marcy & Jordan Pope, Jonathan & Mallory Garvey, Sarah & Matthew Hobby, Derek & Amy Grist, Jason & Erin Womack, Christian & Jared York, and all those that I may not have mentioned. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to show love to the Tifton Housing Authority's Youth. 
This is a rave for the employees at the DQ on Tift Avenue. The employees there are always so nice!
Thank you Tifton Publix!! Every one is so helpful. I always look forward to go grocery shopping, and seeing all the smiling faces! Kristie (the one that stocks), Justin and Loryn (the bagger) helped me out so much last time! I unfortunately couldn't tell a manager. I was in a hurry. But thank you!

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John Gamble (right) is joined by John Reid at the Tiftarea YMCA Saturday.

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