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June 26, 2014

Rants & Raves - June 27


Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Tifton that can serve a meal without a million calories and a  lower amount of fat? Thank you. Cost is no factor.
 Am I the only Tifton citizen to notice how often that Tifton motorists are driving through (entering) signalized intersections when the signal is yellow. Come on now motorists, if you see the signal is on yellow phase or changing to its yellow phase, stop and wait on the green light to display. Accidents are costly both in vehicle repair costs and injury costs. 
Kudos to the veterans who fought for our country. They deserve all they can get.  However there are about 90 percent of the armed forces who never were in combat but instead were working a job just like the rest of us who stayed home and paid taxes to support our military.  Those guys who were desk jockeys don't deserve all the freebies they are getting and I understand the federal government has added  car repairs, prescription drugs, food vouchers and school funds for free (with limits).  Our property, state and federal taxes are killing all of the small business owners.  
Evidently the writer complaining about Fox News missed Neil Cauto's segment with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  She was complaining about abuse of power and he asked about President Bush's abuse of power.  Where were the Republicans then?  You don't deal with a pesident and  his abuse of power only when your party is not in charge.  If it is a Constitutional issue and it is, it is always a Constitutional issue.  If you don't like Fox News, don't watch.  I don't watch NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or MSNBC.  Fox News is what I watch.
Does anyone ever think about the fact that most of us, whether we planned our children or not, thought about how many we could have and care for and tried to stick with that number? We had money for other things: house, car, vacation, food, clothing, etc.  Now we are being perceived as well off and are being taxed to death to pay for children born to unwed mothers who did not care to take protection to prevent pregnancies or those that thought a child with the guarantee of a welfare check was the way to go.  It is not just the women, but also the men who do not care what their planted seed brings forth. It is not the children's fault, it is the adults.  Something needs to be done with or to the adults, men and women, after the first child born into poverty. 

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