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June 23, 2014

Rants & Raves - June 24


So we “lavish” all sorts of free care on our elderly? And the way around that is via an influx of young immigrants? What country do you live in? The majority of the elderly of this country have paid into the system all of their lives…and you consider giving them subsidized health insurance lavishing them? Why don’t you find out what benefits these “young immigrants” get when they come to this country? I know the real way to solve this – cut off welfare to all of the young immigrants and non-immigrants who refuse to work while popping out one baby after the other. Because that is the true definition of lavishing someone….giving something for doing absolutely nothing.
Apparently, these persons who are complaining about Granny and Grandpa on Medicare in doctor's offices have never worked to have a paycheck or they would know we have paid Social Security all of our 45-plus years of working in order to receive a small Social Security check each month. We then have to pay insurance premiums out of pocket for Medicare. We have to pay the part insurance doesn't pay. You should check to see if you will be covered with insurance when you get to your 80s. We retired people still have to pay federal income tax and school taxes to keep the freeloaders going. We don't have much left. 
It is commendable that the county can cover its budget through normal tax base growth without millage increases, which a healthy economy allows.  The city and Board of Education, however, receive a failing grade and need some remedial work. Perhaps some better leadership?  My opinion may change with next years report.  The public has a "short memory" which politicians depend on.  Taxpayers had best maintain a short leash or suffer a bad bite.

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