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June 9, 2014

Rants & Raves - June 10


I agree, it was very degrading to watch Councilman Parrott belittle city employees; and he did it on live television.  Wow. What a great way to capture a moment.  We can only image that the morale of the workplace is probably very low especially under this kind of leadership.  Council members need to remember that everybody is human and should be treated with respect, even if you disagree.  I think some elected officials think that they are untouchable when they get voted in and they treat others as such.  But it’s true, election day is soon to come again.  
Thank you, Chris Parrott, for addressing in a very professional manner an issue that many citizens feel has gotten out of hand. As you said so well, education and community involvement produce better results than bullying and threatening. In real situations, such as the example of Code Enforcement you used, some have assumed more authority than they are authorized. Well spoken!  
The right wing TV ads are predictably tying Jason Carter to Obamacare which they describe as something that people "don't want or need." People don't want or need health insurance? That's absurd. The Republicans are also refusing to accept the Medicaid expansion. That means Georgia taxpayers will have to pay for the expansion in other states while thousands of Georgians go uninsured. Politics is stupid. 
Gee haw, whoa back, hurry back ABAC. Is it just me or does every merchant in Tifton miss those students, faculty and staff and the money they spend in our town? Hurry home.

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