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July 10, 2014

Rants & Raves - July 11


Thank God they busted these illegal gambling whatever you call it...streets are much safer now!  Don't you think there are more serious things we could be focusing on!? 
Tift County sheriff brought the GBI to town to bust a gambling ring. Really, we have so much other crime that’s a lot worse than that they could have been working on – windows being knocked out of cars, stores being robbed, people being shot. Come on, sheriff.    
Public hearings are a formality to justify flawed policy decisions..a legal "feel good" for the elected hacks. Only fools or the instigators of deceit  believe this represents the appearance of democracy. 
In the "Greater Tift County 2028 Land Use Plan" it has sections that are not being adhered to that our government is responsible to implement.  Why not?
It does indeed seem that the Obama administration hates Jews (Friday, July 4).  Count me in as a proud South Georgia Christian who will stand with the Jews until Judgment Day.
As an old veteran of World War II it humbles me when people thank me for my service and the freedom it gave them to enjoy.  However, I'm afraid that the freedom I once new in this country has disappeared.  I have a lot next to my house where I enjoy the wildflowers in the summer but the Code Enforcement has required me to mow the grass or be fined.  I wanted to build a shed on my place but the building inspector says the setback line will not allow me to build there.  I have to pay school taxes on my property and have not had children in the school system for over 50 years.  The freedom I fought for with a rifle and bayonet has been taken from me by the pen and ink of politicians.

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