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July 3, 2014

Rants & Raves - July 4


As a veteran teacher of the Tift County Board of Education, I can vouch for the rants that have been printed in the Rant & Raves.  I can remember when it was fun coming to work.  I remember when children were respectful.  I remember when administration actually worked.  I remember when teachers were able to teach.  I remember when students, parents, teachers and administration all worked together making the best of an education process.  Point is, I remember...
Stop sweeping in restaurants while people are eating! It stirs up what came in on people’s feet.
Unmanageable pension obligations are the next problem for the City of Tifton. This needs to be addressed now.
I am embarrassed and ashamed that our state representative, our school superintendent and our Board of Education appear eager to battle one another over budget cuts and tax increases via letters to the editor.  In my opinion these actions reveal the overall immaturity of all parties and a fundamental lack of understanding of how to cooperatively get things done.  They remind me of little kids "telling on one another."  We don't need such childish actions from elected officials here.  We can see enough of that from Washington, D.C. We need people who will work together to solve problems.   All parties have hampered their future abilities to do so by their recent tirades, and the taxpayers and children they represent are the ones who will suffer from their foolishness.  
Does the Tifton Tourism Association give funding or tax payer dollars to the Agrirama and the Georgia Museum of Agriculture Village?  If so, please help me understand why is it that one of Tifton’s primary tourism attractions decided to coordinate their Independence Day celebration on the day before the 4th of July which means that the site is closed down on the day of the 4th of July?    I guess we can say that there is no need for tourists to come to Tifton on July 4th because our main attraction will be closed.  Come back when it convenient for our staff.

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