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January 23, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 24


How can Tift County spend money sending seventh graders on a 500-mile round trip for a wrestling match and then complain about funds being tight? I noticed that no other school district in South Georgia participated. If it even makes sense to have a seventh grade wrestling team in tight financial times, why not limit travel to schools within our region? Did the board itself approve this trip? The same board that approves furlough days for teachers?
So our president has now declared that marijuana use is no big deal, this after having already instructed federal prosecutors not to enforce the laws concerning such. He is also encouraging states to legalize pot. But wait! Why am I shocked? The last democrat that occupied the Oval Office used it for extra-marital affairs and he and his wife are the darlings of the party. As Hilary said about Benghazi, "What does it matter?" Sadly, I'm afraid the answer for the majority of today's voters is "Not much!"
I have a question for the Tifton Historical Preservation Commission: Why do you not concern yourselves with some of the properties on the south side of Highway 82? There are still a few historic homes and buildings that are truly worth saving in that area, unlike some of the ones you are trying so desperately to preserve. If you truly knew your history you would know these things. Maybe you do know and just refuse to acknowledge it and ignore that side of town just like so many other public officials.
The city of Tifton bought the Brookfield Water System for $1. I'll gladly pay $2 for that water system if it means that I won't have to pay off the city's debts. County residents would gain nothing from consolidation except higher taxes and fewer services. The city's leadership seems to be focused on maintaining downtown to the detriment of all other areas of Tifton. The mayor and at least one city councilman own properties downtown. I doubt they would lose any sleep over the needs of county residents after consolidation. 
I hope that someone will run for mayor in the next election. The 3/2 is the worst example of the "good ol’ boys" system. Tifton needs a mayor that is concerned about our fair city. It is time citizens take a stand against the "my way or the highway" attitude.

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