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January 21, 2014

Hope lives on – we think


Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t. I was raised in a Christian home, and grew up going to a Baptist church, so I learned early on that when you die, you take the escalator up or down...you don’t wait around to take care of unfinished business.

And as an adult, I have given that premise careful consideration, and it makes sense to me. There has never been any concrete proof of the existence of ghosts. None.

Oh, there have been photos, which have been proven to be phony. There are videos, which you can watch and figure out what’s really going on – and there’s never really any apparition, just a shadow or some other movement. And those photos with orbs? It’s been proven time and time again that when the light hits dust particles, they appear as round balls of light.

Whatever you believe, you have to admit, those shows where they “chase” ghosts are pretty dang funny. Grown folks chasing Casper. That’s entertainment right there, I don’t care who you are.

I like to watch these shows. I secretly am always hoping they will actually catch a ghost. They never do.

There’s one show called “TAPS,” which stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society. These guys go into homes or museums or old jails or whatever – places that are supposedly haunted. They spend the night, with the lights off (oooh scary) with cameras and digital recorders running, hoping to “catch something.”

Almost without fail, at the end of their “investigation,” they have some sort of recorded gibberish that you could interpret as saying things like, “get out” or “help me.” But it could also be interpreted in a million other ways. It’s all very subjective. 

Sometimes they will catch something on video – shadows, movements and the like. But hello...the lights are out! Of course the shadows are going to play tricks on your eyes.

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  • public safety awards.tif

    Pictured are the honorees of Thursday night's annual Public Safety Officer Appreciation and Awards Banquet by the Tifton Elks Lodge. Shown, from left, are Louise Spradley, who organized the banquet, Eddie Brown with the Tift County Emergency Medical Services, Sgt. Debbie Pyles with the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Police Department, Sgt. Bart Walker with the Omega Police Department, Officer of the Year honoree Thomas Catanzarita with the Tift County Sheriff's Office Jail Division, Deputy Jonathan Toledo with the TCSO, Brandi Conway with the Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter, Georgia State Patrol Trooper Ben Taylor, Officer Brian Shockley with the Tifton Police Department and volunteer Firefighter Brian Fincher with the Chula Fire Department.

    LEOs and first responders honored at banquet

    A room full of local law enforcement and first responders were honored Thursday night by the Tifton Elks Lodge at their annual Public Safety Officer Appreciation and Awards Banquet for their service in the community.
    Prior to the awards being given out, Louise Spradley, who organized the banquet, welcomed everyone, and the invocation and pledge were led by the Tift County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard.

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