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January 20, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 21


Karl Marx supported supply side economics as a path to socialism. He reasoned that if a society continued to transfer its wealth to the very wealthy, eventually the working class would revolt and form a socialist government. But today we have proven that socialism and unregulated capitalism do not work. The only economic system that works is regulated capitalism. Without the government maintaining a regulated and fair system, the economy would soon implode.
To the woman in the motorized handicap shopping cart behind me in line at Harvey’s Jan. 12 who I turned around to help unload your cart:  I thought your conscience might be bothering you by now for stealing my billfold.  With the books of stamps I had in my billfold the least you could do is mail all my grandchildren’s pictures, driver’s license, SS card and medical cards back to me.  You have my name and address. You do not have to put a return address on the envelope!
I recently called the police about dogs in my neighborhood. I found there are no laws on the books in Tifton, and they suggested I call 911 when they bark! I refuse to use that method! I love dogs, but my neighbor has five and one that barks from daylight to dark and after. It is not the dog’s fault, it's the owner. Tifton, do something!
Why in the world can't the people who live in the county and pay no city taxes stop complaining about water/sewage rates. City residents pay city taxes and water/sewage. County residents do not pay city taxes. Just be grateful that city residents help pay for your services. So called problem can be solved. Be annexed and pay city taxes. Stop blaming commissioners. By the way, city residents pay county taxes and city taxes.

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