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July 10, 2013

Rants & Raves - July 11


For whatever reason, the city was in need of more revenue but the mayor and a council member chose to stand back and let the other council members do the dirty work of increasing taxes. Personally, I have more respect for the council members who had the courage to do what they thought to be necessary.
Yeah, I got caught in the mass exodus out of Tifton. It was awful so I decided to come back. It turns out to be a more pleasant place with the Tea Party gone.
I had to be transported by ambulance to TRMC. The condition of 20th Street is a crying shame. It is in bad shape and needs to be repaired. You can fix it easily by making it a priority. It's a terrible ride for someone who is already in pain.
Whoever stole my $40 out of my envelope in the old Harveys parking lot, I hope you enjoy it. You obviously needed it more than I did.
To the Larry Dean football camp, my kids loved it. It was wonderful. Everyone involved was wonderful, and thank you for saying a prayer before and keeping God in it. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
The city is in the county. Non-city residents use city roads but don't pay for their upkeep with city taxes. City residents pay county public safety but are not dispatched their county paid officers. Why is this expensive archaic notion still happening? Are key people turning the other cheek and letting the average Joe Citizen get short-changed and pick up the bill?
Higher tax rates in the city sure won't encourage anyone else to move to town and open up anything.
Sure, you people who own a house are not worried about the 44 percent increase in the city of Tifton's tax rate. However, I have commercial real estate in Tifton and the increase is going to cost me about $4,500. I'm going to have to charge my customers more so you people who shop with me will be paying for your home taxes to increase and also, you will be paying for my building taxes to increase. A double whammy and you don't even see it coming.

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