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June 25, 2014

Rants & Raves - June 26


Kudos to Jay Roberts for telling the truth about the Tift County's BOE budget.  Teachers have sat through countless hours of our superintendent's presentations, financial workshops and e-mails trying to justify budget shortfalls and furlough days.  We have heard about QBE and austerity cuts year after year.  This is a matter of money mismanagement not on a lack of funds from Atlanta.  Jay Roberts for superintendent!
I read Rep. Roberts editorial with great interest. All the numbers he used to create his "spin" are correct, although some are somewhat irrelevant. The fact still remains that Gov. Perdue and Gov. Deal, and the legislature, have cut funding to education in an effort to balance their budget and shift the tax burden to the property owners of the state in an effort to pacify the those own the political extreme right. Mr. Roberts argues that 2+2=4 which is correct, but the equation that we should be using is 6-2=4.
According to  the Social Security Administration, 1,599 Tift County residents received SSI payments in 2012. The Environmental Working Group reports that Tift County farmers received  more than $120 million in farm subsidies between 1995-12. According to the Public Broadcasting Service, 8,368 Tift County residents received food stamps this year. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation states that 1,318,733 Georgia residents received medicare payments. This ongoing argument over who receives what and why is pointless and tedious. This community would dry up and blow away without this flood of federal dollars. Please remember these facts the next time you want to complain about the "gubmint."   
Just a note to those so concerned about the IRS losing some e-mails. Where was all this concern when the Bush White House lost up to 22 million e-mails during the Valerie Plame scandal, the U.S. attorneys scandal, and the Karl Rove scandal. The hypocrites pointing the finger now are the same ones that made excuses for Bush. It is quite amusing how easily Fox News viewers are misled. He who knows only one side of an issue knows little.

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