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May 15, 2014

Rants & Raves - May 16


Regarding fussing about which library is friendliest......What I want to know is why are there two libraries? I have always understood that the one downtown was the library. Regional library was the center of the Coastal Plain Regional District offices. It seems to me that money spent on the same books and programs for two different libraries is wasteful. Personally, my library is located on Library Lane, and it is the friendliest and most accommodating for my needs.
Is anyone working on getting some real jobs with good pay into Tifton's industrial park?
Why aren't the same people complaining about the cost of Obamacare expressing outrage over the root cause of all of this...the utterly ridiculous high cost of any medical care? A regular doctor's visit now cost over $200 and that's for 15 minutes of attention. Then, if you have to have lab work or an X-ray... well there goes a grand, and if you have surgery, may as well mortgage the house. Compounding this in this area is a total lack of competition. Then you have usury drug costs, and an ambulance ride cost $500, and so on. Sure, insurance companies are robbing us, but don't be so naive to not notice they are simply passing on the favor from the medical industry. The sad fact is all of us, rich or poor, and in the most advanced country in the world, are only a serious illness or accidental injury away from being broke or financially strapped. Meanwhile, our politicians, whose health insurance we pay for, worry about same-sex marriage, carrying guns in church, and getting re-elected. We are in big trouble.
Dear politicians, please stop calling my house and leaving ten or more messages every day! Is it any wonder nobody votes for you? You drive people nuts with these ridiculous calls from Washington state or somewhere. Telemarketing politicians! No vote here for any of you!

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The 2014 Tift County Lady Devils volleyball team. Summer Bennett, Chat Butts, Carolina Carter, Kaleigh Hobby, Molly Jones, Savannah Kendrick, Mariena McCullough, Dail Adaway, Vanity Golson, Alex Miller, Taylor Nimmo, Amanda Riddle, Logan Seeman, Taylor Cross, Karina Delgado, Audrey McElhaney, Madison Spivey, Julianna Cross and Olivia Thomas Assistants are Dana Fletcher and Chance Benson. Head coach is Courtney Mitchell.

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