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May 7, 2014

UGA Day returning to Tifton soon

TIFTON — University of Georgia fans will once again have the chance to strut their red and black as school officials have announced that Tifton will host its second UGA Day this spring.

The UGA Alumni Association and the UGA Athletic Association will be in Tifton on Wednesday, May 14 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. Last year, Tifton hosted the event for the first time and the huge turnout of Bulldog supporters obviously impressed officials enough for a return visit.

“We’re not surprised that we were chosen to host this event again but we are proud to welcome them and excited about the opportunity to showcase what we do,” said Dr. Joe West, Assistant Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “We had one of the largest crowds that they had on the tour last year and we anticipate that this year’s will be even bigger. We always thought that if we could get them here, they would see the support they have in this community and it obviously worked.”

UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo and head basketball coach Mark Fox will headline the event and UGA Provost Dr. Pamela Whitten will also be on hand to speak with local alumni. Scott Haskins, the president of the Tifton Area chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, said that the Tifton group wants to reach out to Bulldog fans across the area.

“I heard from people all over the state and in Athens who were excited about how great the event was last year,” he said. “It just confirmed how much support we have for the University of Georgia. As good as last year’s attendance was, I look for this year to be even better. We want all Bulldog fans to come and support the program. Our chapter is for all of the Tifton area. We feel that our location is a centralized spot for South Georgia. The UGA Tifton campus is such a great facility. The faculty, staff and students are wonderful and we’re blessed to have this campus here.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of UGA Day in Tifton and to have this opportunity to visit UGA’s Tifton campus for the first time,” Whitten said. “Our alumni and friends who live in South Georgia are such strong supporters of the university’s mission. Events like this highlight the University of Georgia’s visibility throughout the state and foster a sense of pride in all of the great things happening at UGA.”

Haskins added that the local alumni chapter plans to have several events this year and hopes to continue to grow.

“We want to become not only a support group for the university, but a civic organization that can contribute to our community and our area,” he said. “We will have several booths set up at the event for those who would like to join the Alumni Association. We want folks from all of the surrounding communities to join us that night and make it the biggest turnout on the tour.”    

For more information on the event, you can go to www.ugatiftonconference.org.

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