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May 1, 2014

Rants & Raves - May 2


Common sense traffic rule: It is raining! Turn on your lights while driving! Don't be a ghost car. Everyone else on the road has to be able to see you. Thank you.
Welllll Golllleee, Barney, it looks like Fox News was right about that Benghazi cover up thang and all us ole ignorant rednecks were right all along about them lies we done been told by all them educated folks at CBS, NBC, and ABC, not to mention our own president, his press secretary and former secretary of ctate and all those local Obama zombies.
I saw a little boy walking to G.O. Bailey in the rain. He was soaking wet, no umbrella, no rain jacket, just a cotton hoodie that was already drenched and he was only on 8th street. I thought of how he would be cold in the classroom with wet shoes, socks and clothes. I wanted to pick this little boy up and drive him the rest of the way, but of course was afraid of what legalities may come of it. With that being said, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately if they walk to school. The image was heartbreaking.
Our representatives in local government are not elected to make intelligent decisions... they are clowns to entertain us ... and we love to be entertained. 
Does the city have any ordinances that regulate auto repair shops? There are numerous businesses of this type in Tifton that look more like junk yards than anything else. Some of the worst offenders are located on the major east-west highway that passes through town and are bona fide eyesores. Surely there is something that zoning officials can do to give us some relief, or better yet, how about the landlords and/or business owners taking some personal responsibility to clean up their own property. Please be considerate of the greater good, and haul it off or put it behind a fence!

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