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January 23, 2014

COLUMN: Not all bowls are super

TIFTON — It is time to introduce the first annual Georgia sportswriters' headline dreams battle!

No, not all of these schools are current, but why ruin the fun?

Leading off — or should it be the end? — is the fight between Alpharetta and Omega.

We're hungry for another early game to take place and I think we have one. Coffee is splitting its teams. Half will be supporting Bacon County, the other half will be working with Baconton Charter. We don't know about winners, but the loser has an arrangement to play Crisp County, who has combined with Cook.

Steve Carter over here has arranged for a game that he's sure will get people watching. It's the I Bowl, featuring the only two I's in the state, Irwin County and Islands.

We're sure the Savannah media outlets are licking their lips for the Islands-Beach battle, if one hasn't happened already, but we'd rather have something between one of those and Mount de Sales.

In a nod to the changes in the NCAA championship, there will two brackets in operation to declare The King of the Forest.

The conifer bracket features Pine Log, Pinehurst, Pineview, Pine Grove, Pine Hill and Pinecrest Academy. Over on the other side, the deciduous pairings include Woodland (Stockbridge), Woodland (Cartersville), Woodland (East Point) and the city of Woodland. Finals are set to take place at Lumber City.

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun and there's Summerville in this corner to square off with Winterville. And if it were up to creativity of nicknames alone, put your money on the snow boys as they are sending their Sky Riders against the Indians. Lots of schools use Indians.

While we're stealing song lyrics, it's not easy being green. Or maybe it is. I don't know, my ancestry is pure English. Either  way, Dublin is set to go against Shamrock.

Who says sports are uncultured? Why we have Langston Hughes playing Lanier. Lanier in Gwinnett, Lanier of Macon, Lanier County, take your pick. All are named for the great Sidney.

And the biggest trophy will be going to this one. The old Atlanta school of George is facing Washington who is facing Carver. Winner gets the giant peanut statue in Ashburn.

This must be the title game as it's going to cost you an arm and a leg to attend. Worth County is the site for Commerce to play Banks (County). We hear a big contingent is coming in from Sale City. Nicholls is trying to beg their way in, but the Sylvester committee says they'll only consider it for a Price.

So, ladies and gentlemen, get those scorecards ready, pop that popcorn and join us in the celebration. And don't forget to join us next week when we embark for a fun weekend of snipe hunting.

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