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January 22, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 23


Is it just me or are the lawyer ads on TV out of hand? There's either a lot of suing business to be had or there's not enough & these folks are chasing it.
if the historical group had been in existence when the Tift Theatre was built the signage and front would never have been put up with all the neon and the flashing lights. businesses downtown have to compete against business is all over to county and need to stand out. Hiding behind brick walls brings in no business. Thriving cities accept change, it appears we are dying slowly, not thriving for many reasons.
Election primaries are now in May. There are four Board of Education seats with terms ending this year. I encourage competition for each seat. It is always nice to have choices when casting ballots. The BOE collects more property taxes than the county or city. The BOE often flys under the radar, yet spends more money than any government agency. It is important that we have a good slate of candidates to choose from. With the milage rate facing a proposed increase to the maximum of 20 mills, Tift County citizens need to watch the BOE more closely. 
To the individuals that stole all the music equipment from our home on Ilene Glover Road in Ty Ty, you forgot to take the bass guitar. You can't have a complete band without a bass. Come on back and get it. 
Why don't city employees have a retirement program in place yet?
I would like to thank the man who helped me load up my father's motor-chair in the Walmart parking lot this past Sunday afternoon. Thank you for getting out of your vehicle to help me lift it on the ramp when you saw me struggling. It touched me to see someone extend such kindness. Thank you!

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