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January 16, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 17


Columnist Dick Yarbrough is prone to name dropping despite the fact that he denies such intent. It happens too often to be unintentional. He also likes to tell us about important positions he has held and important situations in which he has been involved. It's hard to take a columnist seriously when he uses his column for personal aggrandizement. 
Not all, but most merchants in the Tiftarea should go to Publix and take notes on how customer service should be done... especially the so called 'big discounters'. If you're searching for an item, they don't point and mumble... their employees walk you to the item until it's found, with a smile on their face! 
I drive a bus on this poor excuse of a dirt road. The roads that I travel on have not been scraped at least three weeks. I know that for sure. There are pot holes as big as wash tubs. Is there a reason they are not being taken care of? Please scrape this week.
My friend and I would have liked to attend the YaYa event that is held at the UGA Conference Center the end of this month. After a few attempts of trying to call, an e-mail and getting no response we decided to save our money and go do something else. One of the phone calls my friend made was put on hold for nine minutes and then got hung up on or disconnected. This was the only number we had to contact for tickets and when we call the UGA Center, they told us to call that person. Thanks for not getting back with us so we could have gotten an early reservation. 
I wonder if it was Joseph Carter or the residents of Long Pines who decided places such as Subway and McDonald’s were beneath them. We sit and wonder why Tifton is drying up. Statements like these are the start. We should appreciate businesses that bring jobs not discredit them by saying they are the worst thing that could happen. I am happy people can live in places as nice as Long Pine but please do not steam roll other hard working folk's opportunities attempting to achieve a similar standard of living. Aimtrac the rest of us hope you find a home here.

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The 2014 Tift County Lady Devils volleyball team. Summer Bennett, Chat Butts, Carolina Carter, Kaleigh Hobby, Molly Jones, Savannah Kendrick, Mariena McCullough, Dail Adaway, Vanity Golson, Alex Miller, Taylor Nimmo, Amanda Riddle, Logan Seeman, Taylor Cross, Karina Delgado, Audrey McElhaney, Madison Spivey, Julianna Cross and Olivia Thomas Assistants are Dana Fletcher and Chance Benson. Head coach is Courtney Mitchell.

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