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June 12, 2014

Rants & Raves - June 13


Would the poor delusional ranter who keeps complaining about Georgia not having a state exchange please look at the miserable failures of most of the state exchanges that were set up? It is not that folks don't want or need health insurance, it is that Obamacare is a miserable failure.  We have just as many (actually more) uninsured now as before and the cost of insurance for all of us is going up exponentially.  Well, at least insurance won't be lonely since gasoline, electricity and food are all going up under plan of the progressives and President O.
Let me sum up the Code Enforcement issue: Speeders complain about speed traps, drug users and sellers complain about drug busts and those who don't follow the local ordinances complain about Code Enforcement. I don't speed, use or sell drugs or violate the code. Try being a good law-abiding citizen. 
If President Bush had made as many mistakes in office as President Obama has, he would have been impeached long ago. The Democrats bashed President Bush practically the whole time he was in office. Most people will not criticize Obama for his leadership because of his race. If you do criticize him you are called a racist. I for one don't care what color he is, I just don't like the way he is running our country. There are several people of color that would have made a good president. 
I want to know why dog owners feel they have the right to allow their animals to defecate in my yard and urinate on my grass and plants. It happens without fail that I can go out to do something in my yard and actually step in or worse, grab a handful, when I pull a weed. If I wanted that situation I would have a dog – I don't. I am going to start watching, taking pictures of the action and delivering the package to the owner. I take a lot of pride in my yard and cannot understand how you can stand and hold a leash and let your animal do this without any shame or let them out to roam the neighborhood looking for a deposit site, knowing they are going to someone else's yard.  

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The 2014 Tift County Lady Devils volleyball team. Summer Bennett, Chat Butts, Carolina Carter, Kaleigh Hobby, Molly Jones, Savannah Kendrick, Mariena McCullough, Dail Adaway, Vanity Golson, Alex Miller, Taylor Nimmo, Amanda Riddle, Logan Seeman, Taylor Cross, Karina Delgado, Audrey McElhaney, Madison Spivey, Julianna Cross and Olivia Thomas Assistants are Dana Fletcher and Chance Benson. Head coach is Courtney Mitchell.

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