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October 11, 2010

Austin Scott on the issues


Scott said he can understand the frustrations of small business owners. He is an independent insurance broker.

“In my small business, the average client had 25 employees three years ago and now they have 18,” Scott said.

Job growth in the private sector will come, Scott said, when small business owners are relieved of some of the regulatory burden of government, their taxes are lowered and they are provided incentives to hire new employees.

“We have to let the people who have the capital invest it back into the economy,” Scott said.

Scott said Congress must reduce taxes and cease spending that has caused a $14 trillion federal deficit. He said small businesses are less likely to invest in more jobs until they are confident the government can pay its own debt.

Scott has chastised Marshall for his support of “a failed stimulus package.”

“The national debt was approximately $8.5 trillion six years ago and now it’s $14 trillion and unemployment is the highest rate since the Great Depression,” Scott said.

Scott said that the state’s Army bases and agriculture sectors must be protected but within a balanced budget.

“We must stop deficit spending,” Scott said.


Scott said Congress has ignored its responsibility to secure U.S. borders and that he has voted for tough immigration bills that included making English the official language, seizing the vehicles of illegal immigrants, placing tougher standards for employers to verify that employees are legal U.S. citizens and chaired the committee on citizenship verification for voters.

Scott said Jim Marshall’s TV campaign ad airing his “I’ve got a moral problem with that.” statement he made on the House floor concerning the 2006 bill that would levy a 5 percent tax on illegal workers wiring money back to their home countries was taken out of context. Scott voted against the bill, but said it was because he thought the bill would have been unfair to Western Union and other money transfer businesses because they would have been forced to enforce immigration policies, which he believes the federal government should be enforcing.

Scott has said that he does support legislation that pushes for stricter security of the border and that he supports letting states enforce the existing immigration laws when federal government doesn’t and locals being able to identify and remove criminal illegal aliens. He said that jobs here was the biggest draw for illegal aliens coming into the country and that making it more difficult to obtain them would curb the influx of illegal aliens.

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