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February 8, 2014

Are you ready to receive an awesome blessing?

Good morning South Georgians! Are you ready to receive an awesome blessing? Are you willing to go on a mission trip? Are you ready to a serve Christ in another world? Are you ready to board the Chosen Vessel II and go into the depths of the Amazon Jungle for God? Are you ready to be blessed beyond all descriptions? Are you ready?

If so, great, look no more! Your opportunity is right here in front of you for the taking! All you need is a heart for Jesus! Please consider joining Moultrie's Heritage Church Peru Mission Team to Iquitos, Peru and the Amazon Jungle to reach the unreached during the week of Jun 28 - Jul 5, 2014. Pray for guidance and direction as you prepare to make this priceless journey into the jungle for Christ aboard the Chosen Vessel II.

If not, will you consider sponsoring a team member for this mission trip? Your sponsorship will be a blessing to you, the team member, and the villager. To God be the glory!

Churches and groups across our lands have been supporting global missions for many years.  Taking the love of Christ and the word of God to foreign places is routine for many people in south Georgia and across America.  Last summer, a group of local believers from the First United Methodist Church of Tifton and the southeast carried these messages to villagers along the Amazon River deep in the jungles of Peru. For some on this mission, it was their first experience and for others, they had been on this journey many times before.

In 1997, God called missionaries Mike and Susie Dempsey to minister to the villagers along the Amazon River and its tributaries. As a result, they took their life savings and purchased a riverboat which became “Chosen Vessel I” and thus the “Amazon Medical Missions” was born. Their dedication and service definitely exemplifies their biblical teaching, Christ-centered worship, and people-oriented ministry.

Today, Chosen Vessel II is completely outfitted with individual rooms (including bathroom) which provide each team member a comfortable place to rest, sleep and re-energize. The ship also provides three complete meals a day for each team member.

Safety is also paramount in each trip on the river as Mike, Susie and their staff thoroughly assess each village before a team visits and ministers.  They provide each team member a comfort zone which embraces love, the gospel of Jesus Christ and safety throughout the week.

This mission trip takes you through Iquitos, which is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by land or road and is the epitome of an amazing Amazon city which is geographically isolated by splendid lakes, numerous river tributaries, and massive green forests on all sides. The only way in or out is by boat or plane. There are no bridges that cross the Amazon River throughout its 4,000-mile journey from the Andes to the Atlantic. Iquitos is a city of a half million people submerged in the Amazon region of Peru which is located 2,265 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, 1,177 miles from Lima, and 771 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It is the gateway to the world’s largest and most diverse natural reserve, the amazing Amazon Rainforest (Amazonia) with a population of 1.5 million villagers throughout the jungle.

Words do not do justice to the experience this group shared last summer. Their ministries in reaching the unreached included evangelism, construction, medical and dental attention, food and clothing, teaching and showing Christian love to the villagers. Throughout the journey they were able to witness amazing wildlife, exotic birds, tropical plants, and a native culture that welcomed them with smiles and open arms.

In listening to those who have been there and experienced these blessings, Georgia Hamilton, a team member on her second trip to Peru, said, “ It is a life changing trip. I think everyone should go at least once. This was my second time going and I will keep going as long as we can. The people there are so amazing and deserve everything we have given them. In exchange, they have given us the most amazing memories we could ask for and we are blessed to call them our friends.”

God is showing us that a return trip to the jungle is our next assignment from him. Is he calling you to serve him in Peru this summer? Is he calling you to be a sponsor? Will you commit to be a member of or sponsor to this Heritage Team in the Amazon Jungle of Peru? Please consider joining up with this team as a member or a sponsor and serving God in the Amazon Jungle June 28 – July 5. You will be glad you did!

For more information on becoming a member of this team or being a sponsor contact Eddie Seagle at csi_seagle@yahoo.com or call the church office at 229-891-3421.

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