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February 8, 2014

Rant and Raves for February 9

Practically every day somebody complains about the poor state of repair of the Tifton streets but we get zero response from city officials. It's about time something got done about that and it's about time that the city officials took a long look at the restrictive zoning rules of the so-called Historic District that prevent any progress in that area for no good reason.


Are other people in Tifton being woken up by the frequent train horns at night? Did y’all know that for more than 40 years there has been no train horns heard in Europe. This is because all of the track crossings have complete crossings guards with warning bells and traffic lights. I wonder why in our modern America with today's technology we can not have what Europe had 40 years ago!


I for one appreciated the comment about the one good citizen who used their turn signal. I've often remarked that there must be some religious sect prevalent in the area that has as one of its tenets the prohibition against using turn indicators, for it is definitely orthopraxy in Tifton to refrain from signaling.


The ranter that suggested putting video security cameras in the classrooms made so much sense that I am somewhat embarrassed that I didn't think of it. Not only would it increase security, but can you imagine the effect it would have on discipline. I thnk this is a no brainier.


To the person complaining about not being able to "see" at the TCHS basketball games: The point of playing home games is to play in front of your fans and create an atmosphere that is beneficial to your team. It's great to see students supporting their fellow classmates in sporting events. Save your hard earned money and let someone have your seat because as we all know, seats are hard to come by this time of year in "The Palace." Take us to state, Big Blue!


There is a bill to repeal Common Core. The BOE wants educators to write and support Common Core because they would have to be retrained if something else comes along. Plus, it would cost more money. As a teacher, I would rather spend time in additional professional development than support a failing curriculum.


The CBO report about the effects of Obamacare on employment actually estimated that about 2 million people would voluntarily work fewer hours because Obamacare gave them the freedom to do that without losing their medical coverage. Fox news, of course, characterizes the job losses as being involuntary. A respected study showed that people who watch Fox News know less about current events than people who don't even watch TV news. This is a good example of that study.

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  • public safety awards.tif

    Pictured are the honorees of Thursday night's annual Public Safety Officer Appreciation and Awards Banquet by the Tifton Elks Lodge. Shown, from left, are Louise Spradley, who organized the banquet, Eddie Brown with the Tift County Emergency Medical Services, Sgt. Debbie Pyles with the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Police Department, Sgt. Bart Walker with the Omega Police Department, Officer of the Year honoree Thomas Catanzarita with the Tift County Sheriff's Office Jail Division, Deputy Jonathan Toledo with the TCSO, Brandi Conway with the Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter, Georgia State Patrol Trooper Ben Taylor, Officer Brian Shockley with the Tifton Police Department and volunteer Firefighter Brian Fincher with the Chula Fire Department.

    LEOs and first responders honored at banquet

    A room full of local law enforcement and first responders were honored Thursday night by the Tifton Elks Lodge at their annual Public Safety Officer Appreciation and Awards Banquet for their service in the community.
    Prior to the awards being given out, Louise Spradley, who organized the banquet, welcomed everyone, and the invocation and pledge were led by the Tift County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard.

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