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February 6, 2014

Rants & Raves - February 7


This month the non-partisan (not Dem or Repub) Congressional Budget Office revised their 2011 estimate of job losses due to Obamacare (800,000 was 2011 estimate) to a staggering 2 million full-time job losses by 2016. Obama and Pelosi told us Obamacare would lead to 400,000 new jobs "almost immediately." This is why more folks are listening to Fox and the Tea Party now....the truth matters.
People cannot enjoy the basketball games when students are standing the entire game! This is absolutely ludicrous. Furthermore, individuals have paid their hard earned money – not to see the backsides of rude teenagers – but the players on the court. The officer on duty didn’t address the matter and two teachers and a coach were scoffed by the teens. Authority has lost its reign. My family and I will not waste our evening supporting players we can’t see any more. . . . and to readers who say change seats, unless we hang from the ceiling that’s impossible. We’ll go elsewhere from now on. 
This rant is directed at the wannabe Tift County traffic controller who ranted on Feb. 5 about motorists using turn signals and stopping at stop signs: please take your sarcasm somewhere else. If people like you would look for the positive rather than the negative, not only Tift County but our world would be a better place.
Thank you to the person who turned my purse into customer service at Walmart Saturday. You have restore my faith in people.
I would like the Board of Education to put video cameras and microphones in the classrooms where parents, BOE members and school administrators could see and hear what is going on. I think it would show how hard most teachers work and would show which classrooms have the proper discipline also. 

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The 2014 Tift County Lady Devils volleyball team. Summer Bennett, Chat Butts, Carolina Carter, Kaleigh Hobby, Molly Jones, Savannah Kendrick, Mariena McCullough, Dail Adaway, Vanity Golson, Alex Miller, Taylor Nimmo, Amanda Riddle, Logan Seeman, Taylor Cross, Karina Delgado, Audrey McElhaney, Madison Spivey, Julianna Cross and Olivia Thomas Assistants are Dana Fletcher and Chance Benson. Head coach is Courtney Mitchell.

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