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January 30, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 31


Legislation is being introduced in the Georgia Legislature that would allow local governments to collect SPLOST in increments less than the current 1 percent. This would allow local officials to fine tune the taxes needed for local projects more closely to the actual costs of the projects and eliminate collecting more taxes than are truly needed. This change in the current law could save taxpayers' money and reduce nonessential local projects. Contact your state and local elected officials if saving taxes appeals to you.
Anybody could get a group to call and call and call but it would not show what the citizens as a whole want. Don't just go by the weirdos that are calling you all the time. Use your head for something beside a hat rack.
I totally understand closing school for the safety of students and teachers. However, please don't make the weather day a furlough day for teachers, as was done last year. Our paychecks have taken a huge hit this year between furloughs and insurance increases. Some of our surrounding counties didn't dock teachers checks last year because of the weather day. The money has already been allocated. Many of us worked at home, anyway. Hopefully the Tift County Board of Education will show some class in this matter.
To the person who criticized Fox News for reporting the four people who were killed in Benghazi: If I want to find out what our government is involved in, I watch Fox News. The rest of the media try to hide things like Fast & Furious and Benghazi. I'm sure that if a Republican was in office and did the same thing that our government was doing, liberals would rake them over the coals.
Recently, I was driving behind a school bus. As the bus stopped near Eastside grocery on Ferry Lake, I was shocked at the behavior I saw occurring on the bus. The students at the back were punching one another persistently. I cannot believe this type of behavior is allowed! Please put a stop to this for the safety of our students!
To the ABAC student who was discouraged: Instead of seeking comfort from the janitors (who are very nice), ask for help from your professors during their office hours. We are happy to help, but this comment only lends support to the knock on ABAC students. Namely that you don't understand how college works. 

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