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January 8, 2014

Rants & Raves - January 9


Maybe the city can use the $394,000 rebate check to start paving 20th Street.
The mayor's opening prayer Monday night used the words "hidden agendas." That display was tasteless and disrespectful. Do not use something so sacred as a public prayer to make political jabs at your opponents. 
Jack Kingston said that poor children should do janitorial work to pay for their lunch, presumably while the more affluent kids stand around and snicker. When some politician gets caught making some dumb statement, they often use the "out of context" argument. They never explain how the statement was taken out of context. Why? Because they are trying to defend the indefensible. 
If you have an opinion to improve or comment on affairs in Tifton you had best be prepared to leave town, since some individuals are not open to any kind of criticism or suggestions. 
What do you call an asphalt or concrete slab that ribbons its way across the state, built by the government with your tax dollars and regulated by laws and rules that make it safe for people to operate their vehicles on? Obviously in Tift County it's a speed trap according to those that can't obey the rules and regulations and like to blame the police because they used unfair tactics (radar and laser) to catch them. One thing for sure, if you want to see someone that can't take resposibility for their actions, just talk to someone that got a ticket. In most cases it's the officer’s fault.
How many more people need to die because of ridiculous high-speed chases? Police officers are not authorized to administer capital punishment or permanent bodily inquiry unless their lives or the lives of others are at stake. Since police departments are unwilling to change their policies, we need to complain to our representatives to establish laws that prohibit these unjustified adrenaline-driven chases.

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