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December 31, 2013

‘Chicken thief’ cons local man out of $130


Some locals recently reported being deceived out of their money to law enforcement.

According to an incident report filed at the Tifton Police Department, a man reported Dec. 23 that he met a black male wearing jeans, a white insulated shirt and black/white/red ski cap at a local business on Main Street. He said the subject offered to sell him boxes of ribs and chicken off his truck at Church’s Chicken on East Fifth Street.

He took the subject to Church’s Chicken and gave him $130. The subject went inside and never returned. The man reported that someone at the restaurant told him that the offender ran south from the area. He said the offender never gave him a name.

In another matter, a man reported Dec. 25 that he and a woman were at the Family Dollar on Seventh Street when they were confronted by a man who asked if they smoked cigarettes. They said yes and he told them that he was a truck driver and could get cartons of cigarettes for $10 at the Church’s Chicken. The subject said he would need a ride over there because he left his truck in the restaurant’s parking lot and would have to talk to the store owner. The man and woman reported that they agreed to the deal and gave the subject a ride back to Church’s Chicken.

Once at the restaurant, they gave the subject $80, and he started walking away with the money. He then walked over to a silver Toyota and told a lady she had a flat tire. He got into the vehicle and left, and the man and woman called 911 while following the vehicle.

Officer Brian Shockley reported that he was able to locate the vehicle on South Park Lane. He spoke with the driver who said she was at Church’s Chicken putting air in her tire when the offender approached her and asked for a ride home. She said she knew the offender from the neighborhood but didn’t know his name or address. She let the offender into her vehicle and then pulled off.

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