Tifton Gazette

February 6, 2013

Your Opinion: Writer can’t follow the logic of recent letter


Mr. English recently argued for tolerance on the issue of abortion and 
approaching the issue "with holiness, respect and love for your fellow man no 
matter where they stand" while he refers to Christian fundamentalist as ignorant 
"of the Bible on nearly every topic under the sun". I don't consider myself a 
Christian fundamentalist on the issue since I realize that there are indeed 
times when the decision to abort should fall to individual cases and 
That being said, I cannot follow some of Mr. English's logic. He decries holding 
rigidly to Old Testament scripture verses taken out of context and viewed 
rigidly, and yet he quotes Talmud Bavli as unconditionally saying that life 
begins at 40 days. Why and on whose authority? Why is that any more 
authoritative than saying that life begins at conception? He quotes one Rabbi 
who states that abortion should be allowed if the mother's life is threatened by 
the pregnancy. This is a reasonable point to argue about, but he follows that 
with another Rabbi arguing that less than life-threatening issues could be used 
as a reason to justify an abortion. This is the very problem with the whole 
issue. Once the door was opened we have continued to liberalize the 
justification for the procedure until now it is done over 3,500 times a day in 
America. Many are paid for by those "ignorant fundamentalist" who can't believe 
that aborting an innocent "fellow man" before or after the Talmud's arbitrary 
40-day deadline is something God would smile on. In fact, even if you are a 
Christian, Jew, Muslim or non-believer, it is hard to understand anyone not 
being saddened by the number of abortions since Roe v. Wade. 
Certainly there are individual circumstances that must be considered such as 
rape, incest and threat to the mother. But, if these are individual decisions 
for which only God can judge, why should taxpayers who oppose unlimited abortion 
on strongly held moral grounds (and you can have those without being called an 
ignorant Christian fundamentalist) be forced to fund those procedures through 
money-making machines like Planned Parenthood clinics. If you want to have an 
abortion and be judged by God based on the circumstances, don't make me pay for 
it and share the guilt if there is any. 
The abortion movement was started by racist folks who wanted to rid America of 
folks they considered inferior. (Even today, almost half of abortions are to 
minorities). The idea was to create a superior breed of people in America. The 
whole eugenics movement of the early 20th century was found attractive to a 
leader Mr. English should be familiar with ... Adolf Hitler. The abortion 
industry in America has created a quiet Holocaust and must be reined in by good 
folks whatever their beliefs. 
                Terry Taylor